Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake

Indulge in the perfect blend of fruity and crunchy with our Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake recipe. This delightful dessert features a graham cracker crust, a creamy strawberry filling, and a strawberry crunch topping. Best of all, it’s a no-bake cheesecake that is both easy to make and absolutely delicious.

Our creamy cheesecake is a sweet treat that will satisfy your dessert cravings. With the burst of fresh strawberries and the added crunch from the cookie topping, it’s a dessert that combines all the flavors and textures you love. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a family gathering, or simply a sweet indulgence, our Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake is sure to impress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake is a homemade dessert that combines creamy cheesecake with a crunchy strawberry topping.
  • This no-bake cheesecake recipes requires a graham cracker crust, a creamy strawberry filling, and a strawberry crunch topping.
  • It’s an easy cheesecake recipe that can be made for various occasions.
  • The dessert is both creamy and delicious, with the perfect balance of sweetness.
  • Indulge in this homemade sweet treat and enjoy the delightful flavors of strawberries and crunchiness in every bite.

Why You’ll Love this Cheesecake

If you’re a fan of strawberries and cheesecake, this recipe is a match made in heaven. The strawberry filling is creamy, lemony, and just the right amount of sweet. The cookie crunch topping adds a delightful texture and is absolutely addictive. Plus, this recipe makes a big cake, making it perfect for parties and get-togethers.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Ingredients You'll Need for Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake

To make this delicious Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake, you’ll need a handful of key ingredients. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

Graham Crackers

Start with a base of graham crackers for the crust. Their sweet and buttery flavor complements the creamy cheesecake filling perfectly.

Cream Cheese

For the rich and creamy filling, you’ll need cream cheese. Opt for the full-fat version for the best texture and flavor.


A star ingredient in this dessert, strawberries add a burst of fresh and fruity flavor. Fresh strawberries are used for decoration, and freeze-dried strawberries are used in the recipe for an intense flavor.

Heavy Whipping Cream

Heavy whipping cream is whipped to stiff peaks and folded into the cream cheese mixture, creating a light and airy texture.

Vanilla Extract

Add a splash of vanilla extract to enhance the overall flavor profile of the cheesecake.

Unsalted Butter

Butter is used in both the graham cracker crust and the strawberry crunch topping. Make sure to use unsalted butter for better control over the overall saltiness of the dessert.

Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar adds sweetness and helps to stabilize the filling, giving it a smooth and velvety consistency.

Kosher Salt

A pinch of kosher salt enhances the flavors and balances the sweetness in the dessert.


Fresh lemons provide a hint of tanginess and a bright citrusy flavor to the filling.

Sour Cream

Sour cream adds a pleasant tang and creaminess to the cheesecake filling.

With these carefully selected ingredients, you’ll be able to create a delectable Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake that will impress your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

How to Make the Strawberry Crunch Topping

How to Make the Strawberry Crunch Topping

The strawberry crunch topping is a delicious addition to our homemade Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake. It offers a delightful burst of flavor and adds a delightful crunch to every bite of this decadent dessert. Here’s how to make it:

Gather Your Ingredients:

  • 1 cup freeze-dried strawberries
  • 1 cup Golden Oreo Thins
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted


  1. Start by blending the freeze-dried strawberries into a fine powder. You can do this using a food processor or by placing the strawberries in a plastic bag and crushing them with a rolling pin.
  2. Next, sift the strawberry powder to remove any larger pieces. This will ensure a smoother texture for the topping.
  3. In a separate bowl, crush the Golden Oreo Thins into semi-fine crumbs. You can use a food processor or place them in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin.
  4. Add the strawberry powder to the Golden Oreo Thins crumbs.
  5. Reserved strawberry chunks, and melted butter to the bowl.
  6. Mix everything together until well combined and the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
  7. Transfer the strawberry crunch topping mixture to a container and refrigerate it until you’re ready to use it.

Once you’ve made the strawberry crunch topping, you can generously sprinkle it over the chilled cheesecake just before serving. The combination of the creamy strawberry filling and the crunchy topping creates a truly irresistible dessert that everyone will love.

Making the Graham Cracker Crust

One of the key elements of our Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake is the delectable graham cracker crust. This homemade dessert recipe starts with a simple but delicious blend of graham crackers, unsalted butter, sugar, and a pinch of salt. These ingredients come together to create a crust that provides a perfect base for the creamy and fruity filling.

To make the crust, begin by crushing the graham crackers into fine crumbs. You can use a food processor or place them in a zip-top bag and crush them with a rolling pin. In a separate bowl, melt the unsalted butter and then combine it with the graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Stir the mixture until all the ingredients are well combined and the crumbs are evenly coated with butter and sugar.

“The graham cracker crust is the foundation of our delicious Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake, adding a subtly sweet and crumbly texture that perfectly complements the creamy filling.”

Next, press the graham cracker mixture into the bottom and sides of a greased 8-inch springform pan. Use the back of a spoon or the bottom of a measuring cup to firmly press the crumbs down, ensuring an even and compact crust. The sides of the pan should be covered about halfway up. This will create a sturdy and flavorful base for your cheesecake.

After the crust is formed, refrigerate it for about 30 minutes to allow it to set. Chilling the crust helps it hold its shape when the cheesecake is assembled and sliced. Meanwhile, you can move on to preparing the luscious strawberry cream cheese filling.

By taking the time to perfect the graham cracker crust, you’re setting the stage for an irresistibly delicious dessert experience with our Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake. The combination of the buttery, sweet crust with the creamy strawberry filling and crunchy topping is simply divine.

Creating the Strawberry Cream Cheese Filling

The strawberry cream cheese filling is the luscious and flavorful heart of this strawberry crunch cheesecake recipe. It’s made with a combination of cream cheese, powdered sugar, lemons, vanilla bean paste, sour cream, and of course, strawberries. Here’s how to create this creamy and delicious filling:

  1. In a large bowl, whip the heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form. This will give the filling a light and airy texture.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine the cream cheese, powdered sugar, lemon zest, lemon juice, vanilla bean paste, strawberry powder, and sour cream. Mix until smooth and well combined.
  3. Gently fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture until well incorporated. Be careful not to overmix, as you want to preserve the lightness of the whipped cream.
  4. The result is a delightful, strawberry-infused cream cheese filling that’s both tangy and sweet. It’s the perfect complement to the crunchy graham cracker crust and strawberry crunch topping.

This decadent strawberry cream cheese filling adds a creamy and luxurious element to your strawberry crunch cheesecake. It’s a tantalizing blend of flavors and textures that will leave your taste buds begging for more. Whether you’re making this dessert for a special occasion or simply indulging in a sweet treat, this homemade strawberry crunch cheesecake is sure to be a hit.

Assembling the Cheesecake

Assembling the Cheesecake

Once you have prepared the delicious strawberry cream cheese filling and chilled graham cracker crust, it’s time to assemble your strawberry crunch cheesecake masterpiece.

Carefully spread the strawberry cream cheese filling over the chilled graham cracker crust, ensuring a smooth and even layer. Use a spatula or the back of a spoon to achieve a neat finish.

Next, cover the cheesecake with plastic wrap or a fitted lid and refrigerate it for at least 4 hours. For optimal results, it is recommended to refrigerate overnight to allow the flavors to meld together and the cheesecake to set perfectly.

Once the cheesecake has set, gently release it from the springform pan. This can be done by running a butter knife along the edges to loosen it, and then carefully removing the sides of the pan.

Now comes the crowning glory of your strawberry crunch cheesecake – the strawberry crunch topping. Generously sprinkle the strawberry crunch topping over the creamy surface of the cheesecake, ensuring it is spread evenly.

To add a final touch of perfection, decorate your cheesecake with fresh, ripe strawberries. You can arrange them in a circular pattern, create a border, or let your creativity flow and design your own unique strawberry decoration.

Now, step back and admire your stunning creation before serving. Your strawberry crunch cheesecake is ready to delight and impress your guests with its luscious strawberry cream cheese filling, delectable graham cracker crust, and irresistible strawberry crunch topping.

Serving and Decorating Ideas

The strawberry crunch cheesecake can be enjoyed as-is for a beautiful presentation, or you can enhance it with additional toppings and decorations to make it even more delicious and visually appealing.

  1. Fresh strawberries: Top the cheesecake with fresh strawberries to add a burst of fruity flavor and vibrant color.
  2. Whipped cream: Dollop a generous amount of whipped cream on each serving of cheesecake for a light and creamy contrast.
  3. Ice cream: Serve a scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream alongside the cheesecake to create a delightful combination of flavors and textures.
  4. Strawberry compote: Drizzle the cheesecake with a luscious strawberry compote or coulis to intensify the strawberry taste and add a touch of sweetness.

Feel free to get creative and experiment with different combinations of toppings and decorations. Whether you choose to keep it simple or go all out, the strawberry crunch cheesecake is sure to be a showstopper and a crowd-pleaser.

Storing and Make-Ahead Tips

When it comes to enjoying your homemade Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake, proper storage and make-ahead techniques are key. Here are some tips to ensure your dessert stays fresh and delicious:

Storing Leftovers

If you find yourself with some leftover strawberry crunch cheesecake, fear not! Simply transfer it to an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator. This will help preserve its freshness and keep it safe to consume for up to 3-4 days.

Make-Ahead Option

Planning ahead for a special occasion or event? You can easily prepare this delightful dessert in advance. The cheesecake can be made up to 3-4 days before the serving date. Just be sure to store it properly in the fridge.

Adding the Crunch

To ensure optimal crunchiness, it’s recommended to add the strawberry crunch topping right before serving the cheesecake. This will maintain its delightful texture and enhance the overall dessert experience.

By following these storing and make-ahead tips, you can enjoy your strawberry crunch cheesecake at its best, whether you’re savoring it fresh or preparing it in advance for a special occasion.

Helpful Tools for Making Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake

When it comes to creating the perfect Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake, having the right tools can make the process easier and more efficient. Here are some essential tools that will help you in making this delectable homemade dessert:

  1. 8-inch Springform Pan: A springform pan is a must-have for cheesecake recipes. Its removable sides allow for easy release and beautiful presentation of the finished cheesecake.
  2. Food Processor: To prepare the graham cracker crust and make the strawberry crunch topping, a food processor will come in handy. It helps in crushing the graham crackers to the perfect consistency and blending the ingredients for the crunchy topping.
  3. Stand Mixer: A stand mixer is a versatile tool that will make mixing the filling ingredients a breeze. It ensures the cream cheese, powdered sugar, lemon zest, and other ingredients are thoroughly combined, resulting in a smooth and creamy filling.

With these helpful tools at your disposal, you’ll be well-prepared to effortlessly create the Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake. So gather your ingredients and get ready to make a sensational dessert that will impress your family and friends!

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cheesecake

Creating the perfect Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake is all about attention to detail and following a few key tips and tricks. From enhancing the strawberry flavor to achieving the ideal texture, these expert tips will elevate your homemade dessert to new heights.

1. Use Freeze-Dried Strawberries: For a burst of intense strawberry flavor, opt for freeze-dried strawberries instead of fresh ones. They add concentrated flavor and prevent excess moisture in the cheesecake.

2. Incorporate Golden Oreo Thins: To achieve the coveted crunch topping, blend Golden Oreo Thins into fine crumbs and mix them with strawberry powder. This combination adds a delightful texture and complements the creamy filling.

3. Choose Full-Fat Cream Cheese: To ensure a creamy and velvety texture, use full-fat cream cheese in your recipe. This variety offers the best consistency and helps the cheesecake set properly.

4. Allow Ample Chilling Time: The secret to a perfectly set cheesecake lies in patience. After assembling all the layers, refrigerate the cheesecake for at least 4 hours, but preferably overnight. This resting time allows the flavors to meld together and ensures a smooth, delectable result.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to creating a tantalizing Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake that will impress both family and friends. Just remember to savor every bite of this irresistible homemade dessert!


In conclusion, the Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake is a mouthwatering homemade dessert that perfectly balances the creamy richness of cheesecake with a delightful crunch of strawberry topping. This no-bake treat is not only easy to make but also versatile enough to be enjoyed on any occasion. Whether you are hosting a dinner party, attending a barbecue, or celebrating a special holiday, this cheesecake is sure to impress.

What truly sets this dessert apart is its versatility for customization with various toppings and decorations. From fresh strawberries and whipped cream to ice cream or a drizzle of strawberry compote, you can let your creativity run wild and make it your own. The combination of fruity and crunchy flavors will leave your taste buds craving for more.

So, why not give this delicious dessert recipe a try? Indulge in the sweetness and enjoy the creamy texture of the strawberry cream cheese filling, complemented by the scrumptious crunch of the strawberry topping. Gather your family and friends, share this delightful treat, and create lasting memories. With the Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake, you can’t go wrong!


Can I use fresh strawberries instead of freeze-dried strawberries for the strawberry crunch topping?

Yes, you can use fresh strawberries instead of freeze-dried strawberries. However, freeze-dried strawberries provide a more intense strawberry flavor and a better texture for the crunch topping.

Can I substitute the Golden Oreo Thins for another type of cookies for the crunch topping?

Yes, you can substitute the Golden Oreo Thins with other types of cookies, such as graham crackers or vanilla wafers. However, Golden Oreo Thins add a delicious vanilla flavor and a nice crunch to the topping.

Can I use regular cream cheese instead of full-fat cream cheese for the filling?

To achieve the best texture and creaminess in the filling, it is advisable to use full-fat cream cheese Regular cream cheese may result in a less creamy texture.

How long does the cheesecake need to chill before serving?

The cheesecake should chill for at least 4 hours, or preferably overnight, to set and develop its flavors. Chilling it for a longer time will enhance the taste and texture.

How long can I store the leftover cheesecake?

Store the leftover cheesecake in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 3-4 days to ensure optimal freshness. Enjoy it best within this time frame.

Can I make the cheesecake in advance?

Yes, you can make the cheesecake in advance. Make it up to 3-4 days before serving, adding the strawberry crunch topping right before serving for optimal crunchiness.

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